"Our culture .. Agriculture!"

With a population of 1.32 billion India is the world's second most populous country and 70 percent of its rural households still depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood, with 82 percent of farmers being small and marginal.

According to a study conducted by Pesticide Action Network (PAN) India,  of every year 80,000 farmers getting impacted because of pesticides. Many people are losing their eyesight, became disabled and also cost several people lives.

I'm a farmer's son and came from the community which impacted by these pesticides and it motivated me to start Agri Soldiers, a very unique campaign.

Our mission is to educate farmers about the safety measurements that need to take while applying pesticides. Along with this, we will be teaching them on the new technologies that are available for safe farming including drone based spraying.

Agri Soldiers intends to establish a voluntary network to educate and conduct training camps for the farmers and to help them basic safety kit  gloves, mask and goggles.

"I still remember the smiling face of the farmer mr. V Rao in my village before leaving to work on the farm, later he died because of pesticide poisoning. Not only his, there are so many other people's lives affected in our area, in fact, I have seen my father mixing the pesticide with bare hands. As per the latest UN report, an average of about 200,000 people dies from the toxic exposure of pesticides per year across the world" Akhil said during the Youth Assembly Sessions.

"This is because safety standards are poor, there may be no protective clothing or washing facilities, insufficient enforcement, poor labeling of pesticides which are used by farm workers who can't read anyway. Few people know much about pesticide hazards." he added.

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“This place is really welcoming and It’s more than a college to me! It gave me a great atmosphere to learn, explore and to transform.I do remember the time in classrooms but more than that I remember the time spent hanging out with friends, activities like NCC and NSS, the first ramp walk on the stage, organizing for events like Open house exhibition, Cissorie and Coloridos.We were lucky to be a silver jubilee batch and to have had these many opportunities.This is the place where a shy caterpillar was converted to an enthusiastic butterfly! 😊 

I would like to thank the department for the opportunity to address the young minds. I'm happy to see their messages after the session and their enthusiasm of joining NCC, NSS and other Social initiatives.

Thank you guys, keep up the good work.”

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"About one and half-decade back, a kid was sitting somewhere in the huge crowd with his parents and watching the school annual day celebrations. He got a dream on that day, to make his words heard to the entire crowd. 

Time flew swiftly. Yes!, the day arrived, and that kid was me.  

I was truly blessed to be invited as a guest for the 20th Annual Day celebrations of my school. It was an absolute pleasure to speak in front of the people who taught me and the place where I was brought up. I was the youngest on the dais alongside with other dignitaries and celebrated personalities from film, educational and political background. As W. Disney quoted "All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them." 

In this event, I had a chance to bond with National award winner Shri. Suddala Ashok Teja Garu!, I grew up listening to his songs for motivation. Tilak Garu and Director NSR Garu had a positive impact on me with their motivational speeches during School and Plus-two days! 

As part of my speech, I recall my bond with this place, funny yet emotional friendships, moments from getting scolded and as well as appreciated by the teachers. On this particular day, delivered the keynote speech in front of the largest gathering so far on Agriculture, Opportunities, and the UN 17 SDG's.

Witnessed adorable dance and singing performances prepared and performed by the students. It was an honor for me to present the certificates and medals to the students who perused good grades and shown exceptional skills in education as well as extra-curricular activities.

I will cherish this warm moment forever, and I would like to extend special thanks to management for the opportunity.

Congratulations to them on completing one more glorious year."

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As of 2017, only 29% of world population(2 Billion) aware of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As part of Team Social Soldiers,we are visiting the schools, student clubs, colleges and universities to empower the SDG's. We started working towards promoting youth inclusion in strategies of social development and to spread the word about the Global Goals and the potential impact they could have on our world.

"Together, through our actions, we could be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation to end injustice and inequality, and the last generation to be threatened by climate change"

When you get an opportunity to interact with the younger version of you, what you gonna tell!

"You are having the best days of life and you will experience amazing things on your journey. Cherish this time, go out and play, make memories with your friends. Take care of our surroundings, as your small actions are going to make the big impact in future. Aim High!, Dream Big, Do what is Best for you! And Just ‘Believe in yourself’. “

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Addressed the students at SreeRama High School, Mothadaka.In this place, many generations have carved their future since 1959! In fact, my mom and dad completed their schooling here.

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"Addressed pupil in the Zilla Parishad High School in Ponnekallu village. Surprised to see the teaching methods and enthusiasm of the students. 

The Guava tree which shown in the picture affected by the pest, students came up with a homemade organic herbicide using Neem leaves, Garlic, tobacco leaves and Amla. Within two weeks this plant recovered. 

This is the innovation we need, these are the teaching methods that we need to encourage."

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"Interacted with the primary school kids at my place. Happy to know that they are following the tab-based teaching techniques as part of AP government's initiative. 

Kids are very enthusiastic about learning and practising them and, this initiative will be expanding to the other schools in the coming days. Innocence in their conversations made my day. ☺️ 🇮🇳  
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